Disha Joshi, PsyD., MBA

Dr. Disha Joshi is a Consultant at Leadership Development Worldwide, LLC, operating out of the Providence, Rhode Island headquarters.

Integrating a clinical psychology background with her business acumen, Disha is passionate about developing seasoned and emerging leaders through workforce assessment and coaching. Her direct, warm, and collaborative style leverages her strengths-focused and behaviorally grounded approach injected with occasional humor to help guide clients and organizations to optimal performance. She also enjoys creating and facilitating workshops and trainings that address conflict management, communication, mindfulness and stress management, team building, and biofeedback. Disha takes special interest in helping leaders and organizations navigate cultural differences to create an inclusive environment.

She spent several years as a leadership coach and psychologist in the human resources department at the University of San Francisco, California where provided individual managerial coaching and organizational development services to hospital departments ranging from Nursing to Finance to HR. She advised leaders and teams on change management, strategic planning, facilitated retreats and workshops, and assisted in creating business development plans.

Disha earned her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and Master of Business Administration from Widener University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she conducted doctoral research on the advertising of mindfulness across organizations.  Currently, Disha is also an active member of Division 13, American Psychological Association’s society of consulting psychologists (SCP).

In her free time, Dr. Joshi enjoys dancing for social impact causes, travelling and food, a good novel with coffee, and adventurous outdoor activities.