Samantha Ward, AFBPsS

Samantha Ward is an Alliance Partner of Leadership Development Worldwide, LLC., operating out of her Windsor, England office.  A Chartered Psychologist and British Psychological Society (BPS) Registered Coach, Samantha has specialised in the field of leadership assessment, coaching and development for over twenty years. 

She works internationally across a wide range of industries and sectors, leading programs for talent and succession, leadership assessment, and coaching and development, often within a broader context of organizational and cultural change.  She supports individuals as they transition through the various leadership stages by helping them develop the thinking capacity, self-awareness and resilience to navigate higher levels of ambiguity and complexity.  Her most recent work has taken her into the extractive industries, supporting recruitment and development in line with the broader sustainability agenda.   

Graduating with a BSc Honours degree in Psychology, she went on to work within the legal profession, before specialising in occupational psychology and gaining an MSc from the Institute of Work Psychology at Sheffield University.  She received Chartership in occupational psychology in 2004 during her time with Kaisen Consulting.  She is on the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use, the regulatory body that oversees the interpretation and use of psychological tests in the UK.  She is also registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), the body regulating and overseeing UK professional practice.