Ariane Schrader

Ariane Schrader is an Alliance Partner of Leadership Development Worldwide operating out of Hamburg, Germany.

Ariane has over 17 years of experience in management and consulting. During her time at the two leading top management consultancies, she served various clients across Europe in the health care, pharmaceuticals, industrial goods, and consumer goods industries, mainly in the area of strategy, organization, and restructuring.

She worked more than 10 years in Top Management positions for DAX companies, where she coached and supported executive boards in the area of strategy and organizational development before taking on a Senior Management position in Supply Chain.

Ariane’s work focuses on executive assessment and development.

She earned her diploma in psychology at the University of Berlin (FU). Research stays include a year at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, where she worked as research fellow at the department of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and two years at the Max-Planck-Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt, where she worked on effects of attention and mismatch on the human perception.

In her spare time, Ariane enjoys yoga, horseback riding, running, and playing with her three kids. She has a passion for Greece, where she manufactures her own olive oil from her olive grove at South Pelion.