Frederic Damen, Ph.D.

Dr. Frederic Damen is an Alliance Partner and Senior Consultant with Leadership Development Worldwide, LLC, operating out of Zürich, Switzerland.

Frederic’s work as a consultant and psychologist over 20 years has spanned from smaller enterprises to Fortune Global 500 companies and crossed many business sectors.

His work focuses primarily on talent management, executive assessment and enablement. He is also actively engaged in leadership research and has published peer reviewed articles in periodicals such as Academy of Management Journal, all on leadership effectiveness.

Frederic obtained his master’s degree in psychology from Utrecht University and holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

In the past, Frederic aspired to be a professional race-cyclist, but lacking the talent to be a Tour de France rider, he now simply enjoys riding his bike. He also places great value on just being with his family.