360º Feedback

Develop a comprehensive picture of an individual’s work performance and their impact on their team with feedback from supervisors, peers, and direct reports.

We collaborate with clients to identify core competencies, design a simple, confidential questionnaire to measure them, and administer feedback either online (powered by PanoMetrics) or through in-depth interviews. An LDW psychologist will interpret the results to evaluate the individual’s effectiveness and provide high-impact coaching to target critical performance areas.

When considering 360º Feedback for your organization, our psychologists can consult with you about how best to collect and utilize 360º data within your unique culture.


  • Observations from 360º Feedback are powerful because they measure behaviors and are elicited from different layers in the organization.
  • Individuals and raters usually find the feedback relevant, practical, and helpful.
  • Feedback from a group of responders is often more persuasive than comments from only one person-even an individual’s manager.
  • While certain skills and strengths are affirmed, the feedback can be a good wake-up call about areas of under-performance.
  • Accountability for management effectiveness is increased and documented.


  • It is important to determine up-front who owns the data, how it will be used, and who will have access to it to avoid misuse.
  • Individuals can be emotionally impacted by negative or surprising feedback.
  • 360º data is based on observations, but because it does not uncover the root cause for an individual’s behavior, it can often be hard to focus on the lever points to create change.
  • There is potential for “rater burnout” when an individual completes multiple 360º Feedback questionnaires simultaneously.