Change management consultation

In order to thrive in a rapidly-changing business environment, organizations must be quick, agile and willing to take calculated risks. LDW can assist leaders and their organizations in managing through major change initiatives from planning through implementation.
Our approach starts with analyzing pre-change conditions to guide successful planning and implementation. We help organizations:
  • Develop sound communications strategies.
  • Engage leaders and staff in the implementation process.
  • Evaluate impact on people and organization structure.
  • Understand emotional and intellectual components of resistance.
  • Develop and define new roles.
  • Review implementation success.


  • Recognize and reduce resistance to change.
  • Build followership and trust in the new strategy.
  • Accelerate the organization’s transition.
  • Unifies the organization to a common goal.

Confronting the psychological barriers to change: workshop

This one-day workshop will help managers conceptually understand the process of organizational change, help them to understand their own reactions to change, and give them some practical skills and tools to increase their effectiveness in managing change in their organizations. In this workshop, participants:
  • Can work on the real world challenges they are actually facing.
  • Manage resistance to change in the organization.
  • Develop emotional “buy-in” from those they manage and lead.