Competency-development consultation

High performing organizations require their employees to not only think about what they do but also consider how they do it. Behaviors are now widely recognized to be just as important as technical skills and they underpin key HR activities in almost all Fortune 100 companies. 
Our approach starts with a deep dive into the vision, people and culture within an organization. Through a structured process, we consult with your organization efficiently to understand which behaviors will drive performance and deliver your Vision. We will then help you communicate and embed the framework in a way that will ensure it is well received, understood, widely used and effective in the long term. We will agree on principles for a Behavior Framework that makes sense for your organization. These may include:
  • Simple, transparent and aligned across levels.
  • Specific and tangible indicators aligned to each level in your organization.
  • Language that makes sense to everyone.
  • Embedded in key people activities and processes.


The Behavior framework will:
  • Come from your organization; your team will have a sense of ownership.
  • Use language that reinforces the right culture.
  • Provide a solid framework for all key HR activities and processes:
    • Performance management.
    • Selection and Assessment.
    • Leadership Development.
  • Be transparent and aligned throughout the organization.
  • Enable measurement of behavior change for individuals, teams and your organization.