Executive development and coaching

Rapid growth and development of key leaders, aligned with the corporate strategy, is one of the most important success factors of thriving organizations. Our seasoned psychologists and consultants work with your organization to craft a customized coaching and development process built around the needs of the organization. 

Our holistic approach includes a comprehensive Developmental Blueprint, which consists of a  360º Feedback, a series of personality and aptitude questionnaires and a half-day, in-depth interview to uncover developmental needs. Throughout the process, our expert psychologists and consultants look at various aspects of the individual, including:

  • Personal history.
  • Education and career background.
  • Problem-solving style.
  • Motivations and drives.
  • Capacity for growth.
  • Future aspirations.

The resulting data is then integrated and analyzed by the consultant to create a comprehensive report that is shared with the individual and his or her managers and mentors. We also provide follow-up coaching to ensure the individual and manager feel supported in executing an effective plan for growth.

Benefits of Developmental Assessment

  • Provide individuals and managers with insight into the individual’s strengths and development areas.
  • Identify exceptional individuals as hi-potentials.
  • Align individual goals with business outcomes.
  • Foster a more open developmental process.
  • Deepen peer relationships and teamwork.
  • Accelerate progress toward critical business results.


Coaching and developing others

This one-day workshop covers both conceptual and practical issues of coaching others for development. Specific skills of coaching are taught, practiced, and then applied to a real-life case study provided by each participant. Participants will:

  • Learn what coaching really is and how it can impact individual and organizational performance and growth.
  • Gain insight into their own leadership and coaching styles through the use of a brief profile questionnaire.
  • Leave with their own action-plans for coaching the person they chose for their case-study.

Interviewing skills and candidate selection

This one-day workshop emphasizes practical skill building for interviewing and selecting candidates. Participants will:

  • Gain confidence in their ability to interview effectively.
  • Interpret and understand the data obtained from the interview.
  • Participate in discussion of current hiring problems.
  • Learn about standard setting in the organization.
  • Plan for ongoing employee development.

Accelerating development for high-potentials

This one-day workshop helps participants gain a deeper understanding of their personal leadership style through self-reflection, group discussion and leadership instruments. Participants will:

  • Learn about Authentic Leadership and other key concepts.
  • Reflect on, and share, personal experiences and life stories that have shaped their leadership style.
  • Interpret their personality assessment results, and analyze strengths and weaknesses, developing one clear actionable goal.
  • Understand how their leadership style connects to group dynamics and organizational culture.
  • Identify one specific developmental goal that will help to accelerate their leadership development.

Follow-up programs are available to create sustainable development for participants

Adapting your leadership style

This half-day workshop is designed to increase the flexibility of each leader’s management style, in order to adapt to the differing needs of their direct report team.  Through the use of tools, case studies and personal examples, they will develop greater self-awareness, and a range of adaptive behaviors, to positively influence their team’s performance through communication, engagement and leadership. Participants will:

  • Reflect on their role as a leader and their potential to impact significant outcomes.
  • Make connections between leadership and influence.
  • Understand the impact of influence on others, as well as their own success and satisfaction.
  • Become more aware of their influencing style through self-assessment.
  • Develop skills for resolving conflict, overcoming communication challenges, and generating solutions.
  • Leave with clear next steps for achieving group goals and measuring progress.