Executive coaching

At LDW, we use a Continuous Improvement Coaching model. Our consultants work closely with the leaders in your organization, as well as their stakeholders, in order to deliver a customized coaching and development process; built around the specific needs of the individual and sensitive to the context and organizational drivers of success. Our goals are to maximize their impact in the organization and improve their personal satisfaction.

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Executive coaching is oriented to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Increase the individual’s self-awareness about and alignment with leadership requirements
  • Tap into their inherent motivation to grow and improve.
  • Put feedback from colleagues into action and work toward behavioral change that will increase their impact
  • Instill a framework for personal accountability and follow-through
  • Enhance the leader’s personal satisfaction and build confidence in their abilities
  • Clarify a path forward that can help achieve future aspirations
  • Create a plan for post-coaching support

Our process is iterative and flexible but is also well structured. We leverage assessment to understand the specific developmental needs, establish a coaching plan to guide our work and create accountability and ensure ongoing alignment and support from key stakeholders. Coaching sessions and subsequent action items allow the leader to reflect, develop key insights and practice new behaviors and approaches to enhance effectiveness. With insight and intention, we believe that small adjustments in thinking and behavior can shift performance from good to great!

continuous improvement coaching


The ideal coaching environment requires building a solid foundation between the leader to be coached, the consultant and the supporting organization. We work to ensure that the individual and their manager feel supported in executing an effective plan for the leader’s growth and provide a path forward for sustaining the growth achieved through coaching.

Coaching programs are planned around a leader’s business demands and personal style and include periodic check-ins with the leader’s designated stakeholders to monitor progress. This allows for mid-course correction and ongoing feedback that will help support success.