Executive onboarding to new role

The introduction of a new manager can be unsettling for even a well-established team and fraught with uncertainty.  We set your new leaders up for success with specialized coaching, training and a customized New Manager Assimilation session. Our experts provide the perspective and tools new managers need to ensure a smooth transition into a new team and leadership role.
Whether the leader is new to the organization or new to the role, our expert psychologists will work with them to prepare for, plan and conduct a New Manager Assimilation session with their team. The session allows managers and teams to learn about each other and set expectations through various exercises, including an introduction from the manager and a team workshop to uncover the team’s collective expectations, goals and potential challenges. We will prepare the manager with training and coaching around:
  • Key behaviors, such as openness and active listening.
  • Setting expectations and ground rules.
  • Selecting and preparing a facilitator for the session.


  • Encourage teams and managers to learn about each other.
  • Identify potential issues and promote early awareness.
  • Accelerate integration of the manager into an existing team.
  • Set expectations for the team dynamic.
  • Build team culture.