Merger and acquisition consultation

The success of a merger or acquisition often hinges on interpersonal factors like leadership, culture and alignment. LDW can help maximize success by providing sophisticated organizational and leadership assessment tools to evaluate even the most complex restructuring scenarios.
LDW evaluates the human risk and potential in conjunction with the overall business strategy to ensure the smoothest transition. After the merger or acquisition is complete, we often stay involved with the new organization to ensure healthy communication and adaptation by leadership on both sides of the transaction.


  • Identify┬ádifferences and bridge gaps between organizational philosophies, culture, leadership or management styles, and performance expectations.
  • Improve cooperation and communication among international business units or between headquarters and field organizations.
  • Prepare executives for new assignments and improve retention of key players.
  • Highlight and remove potential pitfalls to effective communication and strategy execution.
  • Identify and enlist key stakeholders to actively engage employees throughout the organization.

Confronting the psychological barriers to change: workshop

This one-day workshop will help managers conceptually understand the process of organizational change, help them to understand their own reactions to change, and give them some practical skills and tools to increase their effectiveness in managing change in their organizations. In this workshop, participants:
  • Can work on the real world challenges they are actually facing.
  • Manage resistance to change in the organization.
  • Develop emotional “buy-in” from those they manage and lead.