Team assessment and team building

No matter how talented any one individual may be, the coordinated effectiveness and results of the team are essential for the organization’s success.¬†LDW team-building experiences are custom-designed for our clients and can be targeted on a specific business challenge or need.
Team-building is most effective when real issues, problems, and conflicts are discussed and worked through in a supportive environment that allows candid discussion and creative problem solving. Our objective, trained facilitators keep your team focused on the important issues so they can be addressed constructively through problem-solving exercises and action plan development.  Throughout this process, participants gain a better understanding of one another and a clearer picture of their own impact on the team dynamics. After team functioning and performance begin to improve, a program for follow-through and follow-up ensures that the success is achieved and maintained.


  • Solve difficult or complex business challenges.
  • Improve team dynamics.
  • Teach valuable problem-solving approaches and skills.
  • Remove organizational barriers to success.